More and more people nowadays are suffering from loneliness. Which is a feeling of social isolation due to a lack of companionship and emotional awareness. When people suffer from loneliness, they also get symtoms such as lack of motivation, poor sleep quality and many more. We created Migo to help people who suffers from loneliness.

Project Overview

Project Duration

Ten weeks

Team Members

Gaige Dickerson, Darren Wells, Lydia Goshen

My Role

UX Design, Product Design, Visual Design


The Problem

A lack of communicating emotions leads to feelings of social isolation. Feeling socially isolated can cause people to communicate their emotions even less.

The Solution

Migo is a plant terrarium designed to help people feel less lonely. It requires users to talk about their day it in order to water the plant inside. The more routinely the user talks to it, the healthier the plant will be and the better the user will feel.



We started our project with some secondary research. We wanted to find out what causes loneliness, the symptoms of loneliness, and most importantly, who is suffering the most from loneliness, so we can set them as our target audience. Below are some things that we found out.


Then we came up with some questions for a survey to find out how many users were suffering from loneliness. We also reached out to some of the users for interviews to see how people were dealing with loneliness, and to further understand the user's needs.

We also did a competitive analysis to see if there were any other product or services that is trying to solve the problem.

With these information, we came up with a persona and a user journey map to further understand the user's difficulties, and find some opportunity areas that we can start build our solution around.

How Might We...

Provide an outlet to help users talk through and understand their emotions, emphasize lasting relationships, and give them a sense of purpose?

Having a concept in our mind, we did a Sensory Cue Kit. We knew we wanted to create a companion for users to feel comfortable around, so we had to know what kinds of textures or colors users felt comfortable being around.

Wireframes & Renderings

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