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Project Overview

The Objective

This project was designed in the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Startup competition. Startup is a week-long design competition at SCAD. Over 300 participants were to team up with a few other people and design a product that is ready to be implemented. The theme of Startup 2020 was "Giving a voice."

Project Duration

One Week


My Role

User Experience Design / User Interface Design 

Team Members

Seungpil Lee, Esther Holliday, Jason Jian, Kiyoung Kim

What I used

Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 3D

The Problem

Most of the people are living at 80% of their optimal health, and intake below the recommended nutrient-dense foods. 1/3 adults don't get enough sleep. More and more people, due to their busy schedule or other different reasons, are starting to treat their bodies as commodities.

The Solution

We created Apollo, which is a bio-measuring tag that sticks to your body just like your skin. It comes with an app that is integrated with AI. Apollo tag sticks to your skin, and collect users sweat, and analyze their glucose, lactate, pH levels, sleep schedule, activity rate, and hydration, and the users won't be able to feel the tag.

Product Renderings

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Frame 108
Frame 107

UI Renderings

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Frame 95

Potential Consumers

Students who are transitioning from parental care to independence lack awareness of their body’s voice.

Growth Potential of Health Trackers


The Numbers


What I Learned

Start-Up is a week-long competition at SCAD, where people bring their best business ideas and present them in front of the judges. Apollo was my second Start-Up project and it ended up being a lot better than what I came up with the first one, and it's probably because I got better at time management. I still remember when my group and I had to present our first Start-Up project after having no sleep at all because we couldn't manage our time well.  It was a little different this time. We planned our whole week as soon as we got our topic to work on, and we got Apollo which I'm very proud of. We were still a bit pressed for time, but we got to get some sleep before our presentation. I really hope that I can do something like this again because I have a feeling that I'll be a lot better at time management next time.