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Project Overview

Project Duration

10 Weeks


My Role

User Experience Design / User Interface Design 

Team Members

Gaige Dickerson, Lydia Goshen, Darren Wells

What I used

Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 3D

The Problem

A lack of communicating emotions leads to feelings of social isolation. Feeling socially isolated can cause people to communicate their emotions even less. Loneliness can affect various aspects of a person's mental and physical health from young adults to senior citizens.

The Solution

We created Migo, which is a plant terrarium that the user cares for through the act of talking. It facilitates users' emotional independence and stability while reminding users of their existing support networks to aid with feelings of loneliness.


Before we started our primary research, we did our secondary research in order to further understand the problem, and narrow down our target audience.


After doing our secondary research, we started to set our own questions to ask to our users through interviews and surveys.

Target Audience

15-25 year olds who are most commonly affected by loneliness

Interviews (First Round)

10 participants

Interview (Second Round)

10 participants


140 responses

Rectangle 120
image 5
image 4



These are some of our insights that we got from the research but what we wanted to focus on was

People want companions to express their emotions on, but they didn't want to feel too much responsibiliy.

Persona & User Journey Map

With the insights that we got, we came up a persona and a journey map. We also found some opportunity areas that we can build our design from.



We started to brainstorm and think about our solution and how it would look like.

How Might We

...promote healthier habits to combat loneliness?

...make the user feel less lonely when they're alone?

...give users a positive outlook on their current social standing?

...provide an outlet to help users talk through and understand their emotions, emphasize lasting relationships, and give them a sense of purpose?

Key Values

Concept Storyboard



How Migo works

App Screens


Group 151

What I Learned

There are a lot of great designs out there in the world, and I can tell if products are well-designed by taking a look at a few details in the product. However, when it's my time to design a product, there are always way more things to pay attention to than I think. With Migo, every time I felt like I made something that could work, there were always some other details that I've missed. I'm a very attentive person and I can pay attention to details, but I learned that with designs, you just have to pay extra extra attention.